Brand New NSP Element Cruiser SUP 10’6″

$1,300.00 $1,050.00

Brand New NSP Elements Crusier SUP

  • 10’6″ x 32 x 4 1/2
  • Fins included
  • Paddle can be added for $50


The NSP Elements Sup is the perfect board for entry level sup riding. Get involved in supping knowing that you have the best equipment for stability on the NSP Element. This Stand up paddle board is a great cruiser for checking new things out down the river or even proper fitness work outs if that is your thing.

This one is even good for riding small waves, meaning that you will be able to paddle on easily but still surf it properly.

The  10’6 is a  great all rounder and is suited to any level. The NSP range is all manufactured with fully fused EPS Foam , meaning its lighter & more durable than other models in its class.