Add Ons

We have booties for your feet and hoodies for your head when the water gets extra cold during the winter months to keep you warm


We have wetsuits for all different conditions, thick 4/3 suits for winter and short sleeve spring suits for the warmest summer days

Size Range

We have suits to fit every different size, from size 8 kids to 3XL adult



Through our ongoing affiliation with Quiksilver, we have been able to secure a large number of quality sealed wetsuits that will keep you warm, but not restrict your movement. We also have boots and hoods available for you to borrow along with hot showers, so you don’t miss out on the amazing surf that the winter months have to offer. For summer days, we have a wide range of spring suits. Suit sizes range from a size 8 kids to a size 3XL adult, so whether big or small, we’ve got you covered.

By Itself
2 Hours $20
4 Hours $25
Full Day $30
24 Hours $40
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