Jan Juc

Swell Size

Jan Juc is best when it is within the one to four foot range

Wind Direction

Jan Juc works on a variety of wind directions but is best when the wind is from the north east to west


Jan Juc works on all tides from low to high

Meeting Point

We meet on the grass area in front of toilet block on the lowest tier of car parks


Jan Juc, commonly known as Jucawahtu by the locals, likes a small to medium swell and not too straight or it will just close out. It is a fast, breaking, snappy little wave more suited to small boards. However it’s ok for long boarders and beginners when it’s small (1 to 3 feet). Juc works best on mid to high tide and a north/west wind but low tide is OK in smaller surf.
Lots of locals surf Juc and it can get crowded at the car park end of the beach, so venture down to where the surf club is and it will be less crowded. Juc has right and left peaks, up and down the beach, head out to the peaks and practise going both ways. When the swell reaches 3 feet and above, Juc is best suited for more experienced surfers. If you are a beginner or intermediate you should head to Torquay Point or Pt. Addis where the conditions will be more favorable. TSA runs lessons for beginners at Juc when it’s small or for more advanced surfers when the swell increases. Juc has life guards during summer but not during winter so always surf with a buddy.

Meeting Point: Lower level carpark, on the grass in front of the toilet block.

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