Swell Size

Point Addis is able to handle all swell sizes

Wind Direction

Point Addis due to its cliff protection is able to handle most wind directions


Point Addis works on all tides from low to high

Meeting Point

We meet on the lookout deck opposite the gravel car park


Point Addis would have to be one of the most picture perfect spots on the Great Ocean Road. I know it’s a big claim but if you’re ever lucky enough to surf there, you will understand what I mean! The TSA Crew and I have been using this beach for more than 10 years to teach surfing.

Point Addis is sheltered from large swells and strong winds, giving the beginner or more advanced surfer the chance to hone their skills in relatively safe conditions. Point Addis is a National Park so be aware of the flora and fauna when you visit, use the paths and take you rubbish home with you – Don’t destroy what you came to enjoy!

Addis will break on all tides but you get the best waves around mid-tide. It can be a right or a left; therefore you can practise going both ways. Just remember this beach isn’t patrolled by lifesavers, so jump into one of TSA’s afternoon lessons and get the hang of the place before you venture out on your own.
Meeting point: Viewing platform opposite gravel car park.

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